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This is why you need to see if the psychic is right for you before paying.

Here is a way to test the connection before laying your money on the line.

By the time you’ve worked in the Emergency Department for more than a week it’s highly likely you’ll have seen a patient who has a bit of a sore neck after a relatively minor bump in their car.

A little less often we see patients presenting with a fixed torticollis, their head held over to one side with pain associated with attempts to return it to a normal position.

Torticollis as a presenting symptom can represent a number of pathologies, some of which are related to dystonia.

The word torticollis comes from the Latin where the head is tilted, ear to shoulder While this is often benign, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s yet another seemingly innocuous condition which can sometimes represent some important and sinister pathology and as such it’s worth thinking about carefully, both in the context of immediate management and appropriate safety-netting, review and follow-up.

But most of us find exercising to music to be motivating and infinitely more enjoyable.

At Jazzercise, the music pushes us along with its beat, making the time pass faster and the workout fun.

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Some exercisers don't need music to accompany their workouts, moving instead to their own natural rhythm.

In those with a history of trauma, cervical dystonia can occur relatively quickly after trauma (immediately to a few days afterwards) or quite some time afterwards (delays of a few months have been reported although I wonder how reliably these can be attributed back to initiating trauma, particularly for minor injuries).

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