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19-Jan-2018 19:46

One of my areas in adolescent counseling was social skills.

What I noticed with them was when it came to dating, not only did they have challenges - but their parents had challenges too, because things had changed in the different generations.

Many people who are serious about creating an extraordinary change in their lives have found personal coaching to be the single most empowering step they’ve ever taken.

It’s a unique opportunity that many people never experience-- taking time totally devoted to You and your personal fulfillment.

Her services are available in person via the Denver area or coaching over the phone.

She is also expanding her program in the fall of 2006 to a more global audience with Internet classes through a webcam or video downloads.

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That’s because Love Bug is an easy, comfortable and intelligent way to meet quality Colorado and Wyoming singles.Ultimately, your coach will have your back each step of the way, unwaveringly, celebrating in your challenges and in your breakthroughs as you fully take on living your life to the fullest.For more information or to sign up for personal coaching contact us at: Shana James - AMP Facilitator and Senior AMP Coach If you want to light women up, turn women on, arouse their attraction and desire for you, and have them feel grateful you exist, Shana is the coach for you.Any one of us at Love Bug can apply this attuned human intelligence and so help authenticate the validity of a match.

After speaking with you, we select your matches from our member base and we bring a bit of science into the process, using focused interviews and psychologically-based evaluations to assess the suitability of a candidate.It felt so empowering to be able to change the relating patterns and end the struggles with deep clarity and confidence. Thank you for serving me powerfully at this critical juncture in my life."I never hesitate to introduce anyone to Jayson's teachings, and I'm realizing as I write this how rare that is.